Forest Training Institute


The present day Forest Training Institute is an outgrowth of the Andaman & Nicobar Forest Training School which was established at Wimberlygunj during the year 1966 with the prime objective of imparting basic forestry training to the frontline staff of the Department of Environment and Forest of these islands. This Institute has been functioning as a unit of South Andaman Forest Division till September 2007 when the Institute started functioning as an independent centre headed by an officer designated as Director, under the direct control of Chief Conservator of Forest (R & WP) as its Chairman.

Organizational Setup


Forest Training Institute has given the status of Head of the Office in the year 2007 and its officer is designated as Director, who is under the control of CCF ( R &WP ) as Chairman of the Institute.


There are three Instructors posted with Forest Training Institute to impart basic forestry training on various subjects of forestry and wildlife and other related subjects to the trainees.

Physical Training Instructor

A PTI is posted with Forest Training Institute for imparting training on drill and P.T. He is entrusted with the responsibilities of the physical fitness of the trainees. The enrichment of the trainees towards sports and cultural activities is entrusted with PTI of this Institute.

Estate Officer

The Estate Officer is responsible for the judicious management and maintenance of the assets of the Training Institute. Estate Officer is assisted by one Camp Officer and Workers to take up the management and developmental works of the Training Institute

Infrastructure Available

Initially Forest Training School was run on a wooden building. On 15th November 2011 the school has come up on a new double storied RCC building which was inaugurated by Lt. Governor of these Islands, Shri. Bhupinder Singh, Retd. Lt. General, PVSM, AVSM and in the same year the School renamed as Forest Training Institute. The new building is aided with additional and extended facilities to take up multifarious activities of conducting training, seminars, workshops etc. The infrastructure available is detailed hereunder :

Lecture Hall

Lecture Hall

There are two fully furnished lecture hall equipped with required teaching aids for conducting two training/courses simultaneously.

Lecture Hall

Conference Hall

There is one air conditioned conference hall equipped with all modern teaching aids and tools is available in new building for conducting multifarious training, seminars and workshops in this Institute.

Lecture Hall

Computer Laboratory

The Institute has one air conditioned computer laboratory for imparting training on Information and Technology and basics of computer applications to the trainees undergoing training in this Institute.



One fully air conditioned Library having not only books of almost all forestry subjects but also other related field like Information Technology, Soil Science, IPC, CrPC etc. for enriching the knowledge of the trainees.

Science Laboratory

Science Laboratory

One Science Lab is established for the benefits of the trainees of the Institute contains the herbarium including specimens of seeds, fruits etc of different indigenous species of flora of Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Hostel Building

Hostel Building

A new hostel building for the trainees is under construction. This is a double storied building equipped with modern facilities of lodging and boarding for the male and female trainees and is also has the extended facility of a recreation hall within it.

Training Courses

  • Induction Training Courses

    In order to impart training on basic forestry to the newly recruited Foresters and Forest guards of the department, Forest training Institute organize Induction Courses for them. So far training of 69 batches of forest personnel has been conducted successfully at Forest training Institute. 727 Forest Guard, 268 Forester, 58 Deputy Ranger of Forest Department and 12 Camp Assistant and 13 Field Assistant of Andaman and Nicobar Forest Plantation & Development Corporation have imparted with basic training on forestry from this Institute till March 2015. The present batch comprises 20 trainees of Foresters.

  • Refresher Courses

    Apart from Induction training, this Institute also organize refresher courses for forest personnel periodically. These refresher courses are helpful for frontline staff to update their professional knowledge and skill in the recent trends and developments in the field of environment and forestry for updating the knowledge and skills and change of attitude for managing the natural resources of the country. The institute organizes specialized tailor-made courses on various topics/themes like joint forest management, intellectual property rights issues in forestry, policy and legal issues, good governance, managing of non-timber forest products for addressing livelihood concerns of local communities, effective leadership and conflict resolution, impact of global warming and climate change on forests and biodiversity, GIS, Wildlife management-issues concerns and practices, eco-tourism- strategies for success, captive management of wild animals, conservation and development of medicinal plants, bamboo resource development for livelihood generation for tribal and rural communities, role for forestry in conservation, development and management of water resources, role of agro-forestry in increasing tree cover etc.

    Till now 17 such courses have been conducted under the aegis of the Directorate of Forest Education, Dehradun under Ministry of Environment & Forests and Climate Change. The last such refresher course was conducted during March 2015.

  • Other Courses

    The Training Institute also organize trainings, seminars and workshops on various subjects such as Wildlife conservation, Forest Law and Policy, Joint Forest management, Geographical Information System etc. for the forest personnel as well other general public like PRIs.