The Govt. Saw Mill, Betapur is one of the two Govt. Saw Mill in Andaman & Nicobar Islands established in the year 1955-56. It is located in Betapur Range of Middle Andaman Forest Division. It has got installed capacity to intake 5000 Cbm of round logs. It has got facility to treat timber as per directions of Hon'ble Supreme Court. It has been upgraded with aim to increase capacity of intake of logs to 12,000 Cbm, increase percentage outturn, improve infrastructure in terms of buildings & machinery to make all record keeping computerized and improve transparency in allotment of timber.

Betapur Saw Mill

Modernization of Betapur Saw Mill

  • The Govt. Saw Mill at Betapur has been modernized with commissioning of two new 54" horizontal & two new 42" vertical band saws.
  • The process of indent filing, billing & documentation has been computerized resulting in quick disposal & transparency
  • The intake & outturn of the Mill has considerably increased & wastage has reduced


  • The computerization of GSM(B) is aimed at increasing the efficiency in record keeping resulting in Transparency in functioning of the mill and rationalization of manpower involved in the same.
  • With increased intake there will be increase in record management(Indents received, logs received, intake recording, outturn recording, bills to be generated, stock status, gate passes , monthly reports and physical verification). The old method of calculator based record maintenance reduces the net rate of disposal of timber. Hence computerization is must if intake capacity has to increase drastically.
  • Before Computerization due to the lengthy procedure such as receiving of application, issue & receipt of indent form, fixing final date for issue of timber. The entire process takes around 10 days. After computerization the process for issuance of timber is reduced to great extend.
  • Earlier the forms were to be filled at various counter. After computerization the whole process is carried out in a single window.
  • After computerization disposal of indent has been increased drastically.
  • All the data required for realtime monitoring of the functioning of the mill is available readily. A lease line has been established to push it online so that senior officers can have important data readily available.