Island Protection Zone Notification, 06th January 2011

The Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India issued the Island Protection Zone (IPZ) Notification, 2011 to protect the coastal environment of the Andaman & Nicobar (A&N) and Lakshadweep group of Islands. These notifications issued on 6th January, 2011 under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, in supersession of the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Notification, 1991 in so far as it relate to the A & N and the Lakshadweep Islands with a view of

  • Providing livelihood security to the local communities including the fisherfolk and tribals.
  • Promote conservation and protection of Islands unique environment and its marine area.
  • Promote development through Sustainable Integrated Management Plan based on scientific principles taking into account the vulnerability of the coast to natural hazards.

Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ)

  • The coastal stretches of seas, bays, estuaries, creeks, rivers and back waters which are influenced by tidal action (in the landward side) upto 500 meters from the High Tide Line (HTL) and the land between the Low Tide Line (LTL) and the HTL.
  • The distance from the HTL shall apply to both sides in the case of rivers, creeks and back waters and may be modified on a case to case basis for reasons to be recorded in the Coastal Zone Management Plan.
  • The distance shall not be less than 100 meters or the width of the creek, river or back water which ever is less.
  • The developmental activities shall be regulated upto a distance along rivers, creeks and back waters which experience the tidal effect of the sea. This should also be recorded in the Coastal Zone Management Plan

Jurisdiction Of ICRZ

  • The land area from High Tide Line (HTL) to 500mts on the landward side along the sea front.
  • ICRZ shall apply to the land area between HTL to 100mts or width the creek whichever is less on the landward side along the tidal influenced water bodies
  • Land area between HTL & Low Tide Line (LTL) which will be termed as the intertidal zone.
  • The water and the bed area between LTL to the territorial water limit (12Nm) in case of sea and the water and the bed area between LTL at the bank to LTL on the opposite side of the bank of tidal influenced water bodies.