Nature has endowed these islands with a unique and varied animal life both on land as well as in sea. Faunal distribution in these islands is influenced by fauna of both Indo-chinese and Indo-Malayan regions. Large mammals are absent in both Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Geographic isolation of these islands has resulted in high degree of endemism. The surrounding seas are equally rich in marine biodiversity. Endemism is more pronounced in land animals.

Terrestrial Species 55
Marine Species 7
Endemic Species 32

Species and sub species Reported : 246

Endemic Species:99


Terrestrial Reptiles : 76

Endemic Species:24

समुद्री जीवन

Fish :1200 species

Echinoderms:350 species

Molluscs :1000 species

Corals:1790 species


First animal to be introduced in these islands: Cheetal (Axis axis) or spotted deer

वन्यजीव प्रबंधन

Wildlife Sanctuaries :96

National Parks :9

Biosphere Reserve :1

Biological Park :1

Zoo :1